Posted By: Captain Pat | Posted In: Hudson River | May 4, 2023

The 5/4 morning trip report:

Today was another buzzer beater with two fish coming in the last 30 minutes. A 34″ and a great 42 inches for Brian on chunk herring.
The afternoon I get to eat some humble pie as catfish and eels got the better of us. I had a great fish on for our clients in the 30# class that got tangled in other lines. As I was trying to clear, I decided to cut the tangled gear to continue fighting fish and somehow cut both lines, still have no idea how, as I had the leader of the other rod in hand and was a foot away from the mainline under tension with fish. Felt like absolute crap and wanted to puke! I could be silent on this, but I’m owning up to a Heartbreaking mistake on my part.